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Spring Meeting - UPDATED 04/11!
Due to weather, the spring meeting has been rescheduled for 4/18!
2019 Spring Letter (PDF)
When: Thursday, April 18 at 7:00 PM
Where: Shamrock Clubhouse

You can now use our Golf Genius page to sign up for tournaments!
What is HollyRock Golf?
HollyRock is a golf club that was formed from memberships of previously separate leagues - each playing at either Hollydale or Shamrock golf courses. This "merger" allowed for more playing options and a larger membership.

How many members are there in the league?
Last season (2018) we had approximately 50 members. Typically 36-38 players would participate in an event. We expect this to grow with increased awareness.

How many events are there?
The upcoming 2019 season includes 14 regular tournaments including the "Classic" weekend which is the team and club championship event. Events are played at alternating courses on Saturday or Sunday mornings.
  • 4/27 - Sat - 2 Man Best Ball
  • 5/4 - Sat - Individual Low Net (Guest Day)
  • 5/11 - Sat - 4 Man Chicago
  • 5/19 - Sun - Individual Low Net
  • 6/2 - Sun - 4 Man Eliminator
  • 6/15 - Sat - 4 Man (6-1,6-2,6-3)
  • 6/23 - Sun - 2 Man Odd/Even
  • 7/13 - Sat - 2 Man Chicago
  • 7/21 - Sun - Individual Low Net
  • 7/27 - Sat - 4 Man Special
  • 8/4 - Sun - 2 Man Best Ball
  • 8/17 & 8/18 - Sat/Sun - Club Championship & Team Classic
  • 9/7 - Sat - 2 Man Scramble/Cookout
  • 9/14 - Sat - 2 Man No Scotch

What are the benefits of being a member in this club?
The club goals are enjoyment of the game while providing for a tournament atmosphere. You choose the events in which you want to participate. You'll meet a number of new people (scheduled tee times and foursomes vary each event). It is a convenient way to establish and maintain your handicap.

How much does it cost to join?
The registration cost is $135.00 which covers handicap maintenance, MGA dues, MPGA dues, hole-in-one payoffs, and prize money for the tournaments.

How do you become a member of the club?
Make out a check payable to HollyRock Golf Club and send it to the club treasurer. You should have an established handicap (or a temporary handicap will be assigned until you have registered 5 scores). You should also come to our spring meeting on Thursday, April 11 at 7pm at Shamrock Golf Course clubhouse.

Who are the primary contacts if I have more questions?
See our contacts section for more information.